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How We Consult

Consultants at The Springboard Company work in teams. The firm is staffed with talented, seasoned professionals whose career experiences are drawn from a broad spectrum of industries and consumer markets.

Multi-skill consultant teams, comprising both Principals as well as Associates, are assembled for each project to best serve a client’s needs. Consultants work closely with members of the client organization in a process that is collaborative, collegial, and interactive.

Every project and situation is unique; each demands new analysis and fresh thinking. Combining practical marketing and management experience with rigorous exploration leads to new understanding, and finally to the creation of insightful and pragmatic recommendations. Solutions are, by design and necessity, customized to each client’s needs and goals.

With a general management perspective, an internalized zest for excellence, and an emphasis on marketing-driven situations, we serve clients from diverse industries. Projects progress through phases including Research and Data Gathering, Hypotheses and Analyses, Brainstorming, Formulation of Recommendations, Communication of Recommendations, and Implementation. The Springboard Company has an action orientation. Experience, analysis, and creativity are in the service of marketplace success.

How We Consult

  • Private Equity Investment Groups
  • Wall Street Analysis
  • Food Industry
  • Startups and Entrepreneurs
  • Small and mid-sized food processors
  • Regional/ National Food Manufactures and Marketers
  • Multinational Firms Seeking US expansion
  • Agricultural Producers and Raw Material Suppliers
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